About Me

[subtitle] Welcome to the digital portfolio of Elijah Austin. I’m an experienced Web Designer/Wordpress Developer [/subtitle]

[skills main_text=”Skills” main_color=”#193340″ text_color=”#ffffff”]
[skill main_color=”#97BE0D” percentage=”100″] Web Design[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#D84F5F” percentage=”100″] E-Commerce[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#88B8E6″ percentage=”100″] Marketing[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#BEDBE9″ percentage=”100″] Social Media[/skill]

Who believes in the power of good design; in it’s ability to motivate, innovate, communicate and illuminate. I have extensive experience in developing corporate and brand identity, print collateral, package, web design and few other things. I have worked in the creative, adverting and marketing fields and developed and ever evolving portfolio.
If you’re looking for someone who provides creative solutions and solid technical expertise with focused project management skills, then sit back ladies and gentlemen enjoy the online portfolio. Thank You!!!


Responsive design, User interface & User experience design, HTML5, CSS3, E-newsletters campaigns. Professional high quality Website, Logos, Brand Identity designs. iPhone, Android & mobile app designs.


[subtitle]Recent Work[/subtitle]

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